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Hello I'm Richard

If you came here, let me congratulate you because you are a special person

I was living in Caracas but now I recently move to Hamburg, and you know what. I love it!

I was born in Kansas, and like little Ellie, I always dreamed that a hurricane would take me somewhere to another country. And once I really ended up in another country - in China, studying at a business school. There I began to travel a lot around Asia in my free time and then moved to work in Munich. I discovered the world of low-cost airlines and began to fly somewhere and see the world every weekend. Being somewhere in the 15th country, I realized that I had enough experience and knowledge to share with others - and so this blog appeared. Here you will find useful tips, my travel experiences, life hacks and the usual daily thoughts about everything that surrounds me.

'aqui va una frase celebre altoke, ratas'